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Tuesdays: 3:15pm-4:15 pm





Bonjour Families,

Bienvenue to the French Club! I am so excited and look forward to our many discoveries together this year. We will discover some of the culture and history of the francophone world as well as learn the French language. We will learn some basic French phrases and be able to survive if unexpectedly dropped into a French-speaking location.

I am Heather Hash and am the French teacher here at Hosanna as well as being a substitute teacher here. I began praying for France when I was 8 years old and made the decision for schooling that would broaden my passion and abilities which, in turn, would open the doors that God later placed in my life in regards to the French speaking world. I lived for a year in Avignon, France, where I finished my French degree. Upon return from France, I completed and received my education certificate and began teaching French. I have been blessed to also be a part of an international ministry as a simultaneous interpreter. What a joy to be able to use my passion to also reach the world.

Everyone has a heart language; mine is French. When we learn a new language and culture, we learn another’s heart language and are able to more effectively share the heart of God with them. I pray that you find this opportunity as enriching as I have found it in my life.

Que Dieu Vous benis!

Mme Heather Hash