Grades 1 through 6

Hosanna Christian School stress high academic standards in all of the educational disciplines while maintaining a strong Christian perspective.
Curriculum used in all classes, providing a strong academic base include:
First & Second:
  • A Beka: Phonics, Arithmetic, Cursive Handwriting, History, Reading, Health and Bible
  • Praise Hymn Music
  • Hands on activities including art.

Third & Fourth:

  • A Beka: Reading, Arithmetic, History, Science, Health, Language, Cursive Handwriting
  • ACSI: Spelling and Bible
  • Step Up To Writing: Composition

Fifth and Sixth:

  • A Beka: Reading, Novels, Math, History, Science, Health, Language
  • ACSI: Spelling
  • Picture This: Bible
  • IEW: Writing
  • Technology: Google Docs
  • French instruction, P.E., Art, and Memory Work (verses and poetry)

Our students consistently test well ahead of the state and national norms in scholastic testing. Citizenship and overall Christian character development are primary objectives along with academic excellence.
Classes are taught in a traditional classroom setting with 12 – 18 students per room, allowing the teacher to give personal attention to each student. In addition to class time, physical education and field trips enhance the educational experience.