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2020-2021 Schedule & Fees


Pre–Kindergarten Tuition
Half DayFull Day
3 Days / Week (Tues-Thurs)$2,665.00/yr$3,895/yr
5 Days / Week$3,895.00/yr$5,740/yr







Kindergarten Tuition
Half DayFull Day
5 Days / Week$3,793.00/yr$5,740.00/yr




Elementary & Junior High School Tuition
1st – 4th Grades5th – 6th Grades 7th-8th Grade
1st Student$6,458.00/yr$6,765.00/yr$6,970.00/yr
2nd Student$5,813.00/yr$6,089.00/yr$6,273.00/yr
3rd Student$5,232.00/yr$5,481.00/yr$5,646.00/yr
4th Student$4,709.00/yr$4,933.00/yr$5,082.00/yr
5th Student$4,239.00/yr$4,440.00/yr$4,574.00/yr


  • Registration Fee (non-refundable): $200 (K-8th) / $100 (P)
  • New Student Application Fee (non-refundable): $50
  • Early Registration for returning students: $100/ year
  • Classroom Auction Fee (billed in April): $20 per family
  • Class Fees: $65.00. Class fees are used for yearbook, emergency kits, as well as special projects and supplies for class. Billed in Sept.

Statements go out by the 5th and are due by the 20th of each month

Book/Curriculum Fees

Book fees are divided in half and billed in two monthly installments (August and October)

Grades 1-8$275.00

All fees will be billed automatically on your tuition statement according to the above schedule.

*Fees may be paid in July if preferred, as there is no July tuition payment

Discounts Available

  • Families who are regular financial supporters of Peninsula Christian Fellowship will receive a 7% reduction in tuition.
  • A military discount of 7% is available for active military families.
  • Prepaid tuition for the whole year, by August 31st will receive a 2% reduction in tuition.
  • Pastoral discount of 50% for full time pastors (Registration and tuition only)

*Only one reduction per family. Not valid with any other tuition reduction.

*Discounts only available for grades 1-8

Referral Discount

As a special promotion, any family directly responsible for the registration of a new family to Hosanna will receive a 5% tuition discount! Up to a max of $200.00 per referral.